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2014 PKC Fall Super Stakes Senior Final - Play By Play

Postby Jerry Moll » Wed Nov 18, 2015 3:47 pm

Salem, IL -
Saturday September 27, 2014

Judge: Mike Hensley
Backup Judge/Reporter: Ashley Guthrie
Guide: Ritchey Griffith
Play By Play: Jarvis Umphers


"Cash Flo"
Treeing Walker Female
Lifetime Earnings: $16,948.98
Sire: Wipeout Zeb 3
Dam: Cable's Sweet Talking Lady
Roger Shabel/Gary Elliott, Demopolis, AL - Owners
Billy Bell, Parsons, TN - Handler
Lifetime Handler Earnings: $114,342.08

Treeing Walker Male
Lifetime Earnings: $1,326.50
Sire: Bull Creek Stylish Mack
Dam: GTI's Wipeout Sauce
Mark Hall/Charles Thornhill, Cullman, AL - Owners
Mark Hall, Cullman, AL - Handler
Lifetime Handler Earnings: $47,335.91

"Big Money"
Treeing Walker Male
Lifetime Earnings: $12,536.16
Sire: Handsome Demon
Dam: Redoak Diamond Ring
Kevin Cable/Larry Danner, Cleves, OH - Owners
Kevin Cable, Cleves, OH - Handler
Lifetime Handler Earnings: $45,724.32

Cast on the way to the woods, should be ready to cast in about 30 minutes.

Just turned on a dirt road, won't be long!!

Collared up and cast at 8:20, from a corn field. It is a beautiful night in So. Ill and we should have a good coon hunt.

One minute up and all is quite, (no babblers tonight).

Mosquitoe with a bad motor buzzing the judges ear, but no dog yet.

Action, Flo struck for 100

Black strikes in for 75 and Money for 50. Some discussion about someone striking the wrong dog.

Flo treed for 100, Money for 75

Black is minused 75 and Money moved up to 75 strike.

Black struck back in for 50 and is working a track to the right of the treed dogs.

Cast on the way to tree, Black is treed seperate for 100. Radio man is on the way with Mark to Black's tree.

Flo and Money had the evidence and they are plussed up. Flo has 200+ and Money 150+ and we are on the way to score the Black.

Mark says that he hunted the same woods last night and Black treed a coon that was found in this same tree, sure hopin he is there again.

Looking hard, but no joy so far.

Nothing but circles, walking the minute.

Minute is up, back to work: 1:33 left.

Quick action, The Black is struck for 100, Flo gets 75 and the money for 50.

Got a good track, Ricky better do something quick.

The Money dropped anchor and is treed for 100, Black and Flo went on after the big coon.

Money got to enjoying the race and got a little weak on the tree, two minutes, but its broke.

Money is still two minute treeing and the handler is shuffling his feet a lot. Four minutes up and clock running slow.

Tree is dead and the money is handled, and Kevin is breathing again.

Cable is going to need a new squaller after this tree, reeds are shot.

Flo comes close by still trailing.

Five miutes gone by and still no eyes, situation looking doubtful.

Kevin is satisfied and we are walking the minute.

Minute up and 6 a working.

Flo opens and Money is cast.

Flo is lefthanded and Black is deep straight ahead. 1:17 left.

Flo 200+
Money 150+
Black 75- with a lot of big plans.

Flo is tree barking but Billy has got a far away look in his eye, judge starts the stationary.

Guide's phone is ringing off the hook, it's supposed to be a smart phone and should know he is busy.

Money struck back in for 25 and is treed to the right for 100.

Third tree is dead and cast is on the way.

Cast is walking away from Flo, and Billy still has her on "ignore".

Money tree is dead and he is handled.

Shining the tree, Black is still deep but no report.

He is back in hearing and sounds like he may be looking up a little.

Circle Money up again and we are walking the minute.

Black is treed for 100 and is two minute treeing. Guess him and Mark both have a big "sweat rag" in their hands. Third tree dead and the cast is humping in that direction.

Flo is still barking her head off, but Billy does not have to tree as long as they are going to trees.

Black's tree is dead, cast arrives and he is handled.

Oh Joy!! Black had the plus, but with 200 + on this tree, he is still in third place with a total score of 125+

Minute is up and Black is cast, stationary is back on the Flo.

Black is struck for 25 and it sounds like Mark forgot to tell him the coon was there, he may have gone back to check it out. Black is treed again for 100.

He is about to wear out the two-minute watch.

Money is struck for 25 after the tree was called.

Black did go back for a double check and the tree was deleted.

Money is treed for 100.

The Flo is treed for 100.

Just to make sure the cast gets plenty of exercise, Flo is deep in one direction and MoneFy is deep in the opposite direction, cast is on the way to Money. My radio man is going with Billy to Fl, so it may be a while before we knoow about Money's tree. If Black does not come up with another tree, this may kill the cast.

Flo 200+
Money 150+
Black 125+

Bout 35 minutes left.

Flo is handled and waiting for the judge and rest of the cast.

Judge and cast members arrive at Flo's tree, Money was minused for moving. Now he is re-treed.

Strike Black for 25. Shining the tree for Flo.

Billy pulled out a cross cut saw and cut him a club and wore a tree out, but could not produce any eyes, Flo draws 175 circle.

Cast walked the minute and cast Flo and is on the way to Money.

Money is treed solid but he is a long walk through the country. Flo is struck for 25 back behind in the same neighborhood where she just treed.

Black is also barking treed, but Mark has him "on ignore" for the time being. Still a good walk to Money and we have 16 minutes left.

Mark is afraid that there is a possibility that he may be on the same tree again.

Scores right now:

Flo 200+
Black 125+
Money 50+

But the party is not over yet.

Still a walking to Money, already crossed two pretty good farms and still not there,

Money handled with 3:45 left in the hunt.

Circle up the tree for Money and we have a winner:

Flo - Gary Elliott and Billy Bell is the Senior Super Stakes Champion with 200+

Back in Black is the Senior Super Stakes Reserve Champion with 125+

Big Money is third place with 50+



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