2016 PKC Pup Shoot-Out Final Four Play By Play Re-Do

The dogs, owners and handlers listed herein have won a prestigious PKC Truck Hunt in the years indicated.

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2016 PKC Pup Shoot-Out Final Four Play By Play Re-Do

Postby Jerry Moll » Sun Mar 06, 2016 5:10 pm

We sincerely apologize to the Final Four contestants and to our viewing membership for last night’s Play By Play failure. Our service provider had serious server issues that were not detected until the load of the thousands of our PBP viewers took their toll. The service provider and others were scrambling to get us back on line, but simply could not get it done before the final cast was over. I switched over and posted the PBP information on Facebook where many were able to follow along. We realize some of you are not on Facebook and that was no help to you.

Note: The PKC Forum will be down Wednesday evening for a VPS Upgrade. We hope to have this all complete and on-line within a few hours with much faster and consistent performance

The 2016 PKC Pup Shoot-Out Final Four Play By Play with dog and handler stats is now online at its normal location: http://prohound.com/playbyplay.php

If for some reason you cannot access the PBP link above, here is the Play By Play below.

Dogs have been cast into the darkness at 6:56 PM CST
Dogs are struck Bone 100, Highway, 75 (under the minute), then Clone 50 and Thug 25
Bone is way right handed with the other three going left toward some deep water
Stationary is running on Thug
Cody calls Thug treed for 100

Jeff calls Bone treed for 100

Jon calls Highway treed for a quarter with Bone

Cast is walking toward Thug’s tree now

Thug has the groceries, plus him up 125+

Thug is walked a minute & recast

Bone and Highway have a circle tree, circle them, Bone 200 and Highway 100

Strike Thug back in for a quarter

Stationary is working on Clone, Layne is silent

Jon strikes Highway for a quarter and trees him for 100

The cast is heading toward Highway; breaking the stationary on Clone

Cody trees Thug for 100

The cast has arrived at Highway’s tree

He has the evidence on a limb, plus up Highway for 125+

Highway is walked his minute and recast

Cast is walking to Thug

Highway is struck back for a quarter

Jeff strikes Bone back in for a quarter and trees him for 100 deep

It has been determined that Thug has moved, minus him for 100-

Still on the way to Bone

Layne trees Clone for 100

The cast has reached Bone, he has is on a limb, Jeff is smiling, give him 125+

Walk the minute, recast Bone, on the way to Clone

Still walking a long way to Clone

Jon trees Highway for 100

Jeff strikes and trees Bone for a quarter and 100 back toward his last tree

Tree Thug for 100

The cast has finally reached Clone, she has it, plus her up 150+

Clone is now leashlocked, likely for the rest of the hunt, due to Thug, Highway and Bone all declared treed and yet to be scored

The hunt will likely be over before these three trees can be scored, if so her final score will be 150+

Scoring Highway now

Circle up Highway

Unless something happens that he can get turned loose again, Highway can’t win

Cast is walking to Thug

Shinning Thug’s tree

Circle up Thug

The pressure is on. The cast is heading to Bone and "could be" back on the same tree as he treed on before. Clone has her paws crossed...

Bone is on the same tree and deleted


Final Scores

Clone 1st 150+
Highway 2nd 125+
Bone 3rd with 125+
Thug 4th with 25+
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Re: 2016 PKC Pup Shoot-Out Final Four Play By Play Re-Do

Postby Ron Behne » Sun Mar 06, 2016 5:22 pm

Thanks, Jerry, from an old timer that dont get on facebook. Looks like lots of action from start to finish. Take care, Ron.

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