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2017 PKC Fall Super Stakes Senior Final - Play By Play

Postby Jerry Moll » Tue Jul 31, 2018 6:14 pm

Salem, IL -
Saturday September 30, 2017

Judge: John Ervin
Guide: Tim Smith
Play By Play: Christina Wilkinson

The "Wicked" Vapor...Smith/Shabel...Tony Smith
Slow Talking Pace Collector...Jason Spurr...Garrett Eblen
The American Billionaire...Guthrie/Guthrie/Schuerer...Michael Ward

The cast will be hunting about 30 miles from Salem, which is just a little north of Louisville. Everyone is loaded up and headed to the woods.

Just heard from the guide, Tim Smith, and the cast is just a few minutes out..should be turning loose soon

The cast is getting geared up and will be starting...

Dogs have been cut loose

No one struck within the minute...
Bill struck for 100
Trigger struck for 75

Stationary working on Pace aka Trigger

Stationary Broke

Vapor struck for 50

Cast is already action packed!!

Stationary working on Vapor

Vapor treed for 100

Cast is walking to Vapor now...he's fairly deep

Vapor's tree is dead, cast has just arrived and Vapor has been handled

Shine time has started

Didn't take long... Plus him up...Vapor 150+

Trigger and Bill are still working

Cast is walking Vapor a minute to re-cut

Vapor has been re-cut

Bill and Trigger are split up trailing, but there is no word from Vapor

1 hour and 31 minutes left to hunt

Vapor re-struck for 25

Bill treed for 100

Vapor treed for 100

Both dogs treed deep

Tony and the guide have gone to handle Vapor...
The rest of the cast has gone to score Bill's tree...
Vapor has been handled and they are waiting on the judge to score his tree

Plus Bill up both ways

Trigger declared tree for 100

Bill was re-cut

Scoring Vapors tree

Plus him up...Vapor has another one

Vapor has been re-cut

Headed to score Trigger now

Vapor 275+
Bill 200+
Pace aka Trigger 175 pending

Vapor struck for 25 treed for 100
Bill struck for 25

cast is still walking to Triggers tree

40 minutes left to hunt

Cast is scoring Triggers tree...the guide and Tony have gone to Vapors tree and he has been handled....

Bill is still trailing

still waiting at Vapor's tree for the judge to score it

roughly 10 minutes left in the cast

Vapor 275+ with 125 pending
Bill 200+ and re-stuck for 25
Trigger 175 pending

Trigger's tree is circled

cast arrived at Vapor's tree...didn't take long to find him...Plus him up

Vapor is your 2017 Fall Super Stakes Senior Champion

First place is Vapor with 400+
Second place is Billionaire with 200+
Third place is Pace aka Trigger with 0
Please prepare yourself and your hound. Hunt the dog, read the Blue Book, and your Good Book!
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