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2017 PKC Fall Super Stakes Junior Final - Play By Play

Postby Jerry Moll » Tue Jul 31, 2018 6:13 pm

Salem, IL -
Saturday September 30, 2017

Judges: Mike Hensley/Mike Dowler
Guide: Jeremy Carter
Play By Play: Jarvis Umphers

Curious George...Shawney Knowles...Shawney Knowles
Jordan's Dark Knight...Rayford Bethune...Jeff McCord
Fishing Creek "Moe" Money OD...Gill/Shabel...Logan Ray
Night Crawlin Stylish Bronco...Mitcham/Caldwell...Justin Caldwell

The cast is going to be hunting out of Flora near Cave City and they are headed that now and should be ready to cast in about half an hour.

Going to be a short delay, cheesburger has locked his keys in the truck.

Back on the road again. Won't be long!!

Bout ready tp cut'um

Dogs cast at 8:04

Moe truck in first minut: Time running

Bronco struck form75 and treed for 100

George struck for 50 and Knight for 25

Mo minused for loose mouth and struck again for 25
Knight treed for 25
Moe treed on a different tree for 100

We got eyes, plus up the Bronco. 200+

plus Moe 125

Scores as we stand:

Bronco 200+
Knight 75+
Moe 25+
George 50 Strike (pending)

The Bronco is treed again and

Two a working on Bronco's tree

Bronco was making a lot of noise on a persimmon tree, nothing up there but fruit. He has 75 plus left but still leading the cast.

Knight treed for 100 and it is a long walk!!

Bronco Treed and George is treed but I don't know yet if they are treed together.

Knight left his tree and takes 100 minus

Bronco takes a minus

Think they are in a hole, George gets circled up for 175

Bronco is called treed again for 100

Scores as I have them right now at halftime:
Moe 25+
George 175 circle
Bronco 25-
Knight 25-
Bronco is treed again for 100 (pending)

Found the coon for the Bronco and he is now leading the cast with 100+

George is treed and Mo is deep in the country.

I just found out the Bronco is a little ole girl dog, I thought that anything named after a bucking horse would be a boy dog. She sure is action packed!

My radio man is breathing hard and wiping sweat.

22 minutes left

Found George and he was digging in a hole - Circle

Scores as we have it:
Bronco - 100+
Moe - 25+
George - 0
Knight - 25-

Bronco treed again for 100
Mo treed again for 100
bout 14 minutes left

Bronco tree is deleted, same tree: she finishes with 100+

On the way to score the Moe

Knight is minused 100 on his tree

The Moe Money had his coon and is plussed up going to the head of the class.

Hunt is over when we score this last tree:



Please prepare yourself and your hound. Hunt the dog, read the Blue Book, and your Good Book!
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