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2016 PKC Youth World Championship Final Play By Play

Postby Jerry Moll » Tue Jul 31, 2018 5:58 pm

Salem, IL -
Saturday October 22, 2016

2016 PKC Youth World Championship Final Cast

Final cast Judge; Willie Thrift
Back Up judge; Charles Payton
Panel going to the woods; James Love, David Dial, Payton Roberson
Play By Play Reporter: Amy Thomas
Play By Play Announcer: Jarvis Umphers

Michael Box, hunting; Sipsey River Speck, owned by Michael Box
Mason Williams, hunting; Classic Country Queen, owned by Troy Williams
Wendel Bruton, hunting; Rock Bottom Trouble, owned by Charlie Bruton

We have all the dogs and handlers ion all gathered up and are headed to the woods, be here with action shortley

Just arrived at the hunting spot, corn fields are cut and the deer are having a field day. Maybe the coon are too.

Cast at 10:56. One is barking under the minute but has not been struck.

Speck struck for 100; Trouble struck for 75.

Kind of a bad track and dogs are just pecking around but beginning to move away.

We are tighening up.

Trouble is treed for 100 and Speck also looks up for 75.

Cast arrives at tree and Trouble has his toes dug in blowing the leaves off but Speck is off somewhere looking for a bigger coon, he draws 75-;

Big eyes are found and Trouble is plus 175 and walking the minute.

Troube is cut again and Queen is struck a long ways in the other direction.

Cast headed up the ridge to get a little better listen. Six a-workin; broke; Trouble struck back in for 25. House dogs are getting involved in the action making it hard to hear, cast moving further up the ridge.

Trouble is really the only one close enough to hear well.

Six a working and broken, dogs are working but not a lot happening right now.

Stationary working on the Trouble;

Yep and Trouble treed. Sounds like someone else may be making tree music behind the cast.

These young folks already know that its better to be slow and right than quick and wrong.

Dog behind us does not get treed and is looking a little further. Cast headed to check Trouble on his second tree.

Speck gets treed in for 25 just before time is up.

They are in a little creek bottom and treed up a tree with a raccoon in it. PLUS+++++

Scores as the presently stand:

TROUBLE - 300+
SPECK - 50+
QUEEN - 50 Strike (pending)

Got a dog back on the same tree that we just scored and think it may be trouble (looking for trouble)

Looks like he got a better idea and moved on.

Queen is not treed for 100 and sounding good, trouble struck for 25 with a line.

Trouble still has that last coon on his mind. All three dogs are in three different directions.

Got the stationare working on Trouble.

Queen just got quiet, two-a-workin. Shucks she got minus for moving

Speck treed for 100.

Queen treed back in for 100

Cast headed to Queen, cast is splitting to go to different trees.

Sluggo found a coon asleep laying in a fork while they were walking to the dogs, If I could get papers on him, I would take him hunting.

Still a-walking to Queen, she sure sounded closer before we started walking, our reporter has the "sweat rag" out. She is treed on the bank of a small pond.

The rest of the cast was found to be following on the way to Queen's tree, Yep, Speck drew 100 minus.

Shining Queen's tree now, not much time left in the cast.

Just found that the Stationary was actually running on Speck instead of Trouble. Trouble has not been in involved

Scoring Queens tree!!!

Hunt is over and Wendel Burton with Trouble is our 2016 YOUTH WORLD CHAMPION! As soon as we finish shining Queen's tree, we will know who is reserve Champion and who is third place.

Tree is dead and no coon is found so she is circled up leaving her with 100 minus and third place. She made them walk and sweat, but when she got there she was back close to the truck.

SPECK; finished the cast with 50 minus and is RESERVE CHAMPION.

Please prepare yourself and your hound. Hunt the dog, read the Blue Book, and your Good Book!
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