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2016 PKC Senior Showdown Final Four Play By Play

Postby Jerry Moll » Mon Oct 10, 2016 8:45 am

Lula, MS -
Saturday February 06, 2016

Final Cast Judge: John Granberry
Back Up Judge: Brad Durham
Guide: Bernie Wright
Panel: Mike Hensley, David Dial, James Love
Play By Play Reporter: Shane Reynolds
Play By Play Announcer: Jarvis Umphers

The final four hounds and handlers are shown below.

CH Simple Life Sissy
Black & Tan, Female
Sire: SCH Bad To The Bones Black Hawk
Dam: Greg’s GI Jane
DOB: July 22, 2011
Lifetime Earnings: $3,974
Owners: Soles/Burdue; East Dublin, GA
Handler: Jeffery Burdue; Delta, OH
Lifetime Handler Earnings: $5,991.50

CH Blue Ghost
Bluetick, Male
Sire: Unknown
Dam: Unknown
DOB: February 09, 2009
Lifetime Earnings: $3,052.10
Owners: Deloach/Beaty; Saluda, SC
Handler: Gary Tom Beaty Jr; Ten Mile, TN
Lifetime Handler Earnings: $7,002.64

SCH Little Bit Of Nothin
Treeing Walker, Female
Sire: PCH Primetime Buckwheat
Dam: CH Stormy’s Scream’n Sandy
DOB: February 27, 2011
Lifetime Earnings: $7,706.88
Owners: Johnson/Clifton; McAlester, OK
Handler: Billy Johnson; McAlester, OK
Lifetime Handler Earnings: $15,724.05

PCH Parsleys Wipeout Jake
Treeing Walker, Male
Sire: PCH Wipeout Zeb Again
Dam: Hardwood Stylish Molly Bee
DOB: June 02, 2008
Lifetime Earnings: $40,140.01
Owners: Parsley/Morgan; Sturgis, KY
Handler: Jonathan Parsley; Orient, OH
Lifetime Handler Earnings: $46,461.92


The cast is leaving the headquarters at 6:15 and should be at the casting grounds and ready to turn loose around 7:00 pm. They are on private grounds just south of Tunica that has provided good hunting for a number of years. We had a truck hunt final there a few years ago and scored on about seven coons. I expect to score on several tonight, it has shoe mouth to knee deep water that should slow down the traveling dogs.

We will try to keep you up to date on the action.

On the scene, dogs getting last minute instructions!!! Should have "wheels up" by 7:00

The chain has dropped, strike Jake for 100, Little Bit wants in on the action for 75

Sissy waits a while and strikes for 50, the Ghost tunes for a solid 25. Should not be long before a tree.

Yep, the Ghost has already treed for 100 a short short to the right for and the Bit claims tree for 75. Jake wants a long range coon and he is hard going to the left.

The Sissy was at the tree cheerleading for Ghost and Bit. Big red eyes in the tree and Ghost is plussed 125+ and Bit for 150+, Poor Siss has to carry 50 minus

Minute walked and dogs recast to Jake.

Bit and Ghost are struck back in for 25 with Jake who is cold trailing a bad track.

Sissy is struck back in for 25 and is now tree for 100. Bit is treed with Sissy for 75.

The Ghost is treed to the right for 100.

Bit and Sissy got a better deal and left the tree drawing minus,

We are going to score the Ghost.

Now the Jake has found a tree that he is satisfied with, treed for a 100 also carrying first strike.

As they stand right now:

Ghost -----125+


Jake ------200(pending)

Sissy ------150-

Sissy is also treed with Jake for 50.

We have scored Ghost tree circle, big nest. Going to score Jake and Sissy.

Bit is bumping her nose on the ground to the right, may be looking for a tree

Got to the tree and handled Sissy and Jake, didn't take long "here he is" plus the Jake and Sissy

Waiting to cut Jake and Sissy, six is on Bit.

Bit takes a 25 min.us and Jake and Sissy is cut. The best I can understand we will have a new strike opened.

Things break loose; Jake struck in for 100; Sissy for 75; stationary rule is put on Sissy and she is treed right away.

Scores as now:

Jake ------200+

Ghost ---- 125+

Bit ---------50+

Sissy -------75-

Ghost struck in for 50 to the left of the other dogs.

Could not find the evidence in Sissy's tree and she is circle. Love fell in a whole and Dial is trying to push him deeper. Sissy is recut towards the Ghost.

Bit strikes back in for 25.

Cast is looking for a long walk, Jake is treed deep for 100.

Cast on the way to Jake and he is doing a little two-minute treeing but seems to be settled. Ghost is trailing in the same area where jake is treed.

Uh oh, the two bit Jake bringing him down to second place. Bit trailing in the back ground and Sissy is still quiet.

Bit treed for 100 and Sissy is struck for 25 with a line.

Bit decided that a little more trailing may be in order and is minused 100 but she does not go very far and is treed again for 100.

Sissy and Ghost are making a lot of tree music but the handlers are looking out across the woods prending not to hear. Cast is making their way to Bit.

Scores with about 25 minutes to go is:

Ghost ------125+

Jake ------- 100+

Bit ------- 50- (125 pending)

Sissy ----- 75-

Bit had the stuff plus her 125. She is cut across the field toward Jake.

Sissy and Ghost is still making tree music and Judge Granberry starts the stationary.

The stationary rule inspired a little action; tree the Ghost for 100 and Sissy for 75.

Bit struck back in for 25 in the area toward Jake.

Cast walking to Ghost and Sissy

Bit is treed in the same area as Jake.

Lots of action during the last 15 minutes and the truck still don't know which way it will go.

COON EYES!!! Plus up Ghost and Sissy

Going to check Bit, With about two minutes to go Jake is treed a long walk from where they are.

Ghost and Sissy are leash locked with one minute left.


GHOST ------275+

JAKE ------- 100+ (200 PENDING)

BIT -------- 75+ (125 PENDING)

SISSY ------ 25+

Scoring Bit first who could move up to second

Scoring Jake who could move up to first.

Bit is scored TWO BIG EYES plus Bit 125 giving her a final score of 200+ good for second place until we score Jake.

We found the coon for Jake plus him up 200+ making him the winner of the 2016 senior shootout.


JAKE ------- 300+

GHOST ------275+

BIT -------- 200+

SISSY ------ 25+

Final cast scored on six single coon. Thanks to Bernie Wright who guided three cast and scored on 19 coon.

Thanks to all the guides, even with all the high water and unable to hunt a lot of our favorite places, 21 casts scored on 60 coon during Friday and Saturday night.
Please prepare yourself and your hound. Hunt the dog, read the Blue Book, and your Good Book!
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