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2015 PKC Fall Super Stakes Senior Final - Play By Play

Postby Jerry Moll » Wed Nov 18, 2015 4:38 pm

Salem, IL -
Saturday October 03, 2015





Judge: Mike Hensley
Guide: Bill May
Play By Play Reporter: Scott Faulkner
Play By Play Announcer: Jarvis Umphers


The Whole Nine Yards
2012 TW-M
Alan Noneman-H

Mojo's Cadillic Style
2012 TW-M
Randy E. Morgan-O
Jonathan Parsley-H (not shown)

Bone's Money Shaker
2012 TW-M
Micah Marcum-O
Kevin Cable Jr-H

Little Booger
2012 TW-M
Morris L. Anderson-H

Just about to the woods, cell service is a little shaky

Just parked, putting on lights and collaring up the hounds.

Gott'um in their hands, Judge Hensley is explaining the rules.

Cut'em at 7:48

Three of them struck in the minute and going thru the country
Style 100
Booger 75
Nine 50
Bone 25 after the race slowed down

Dogs are beginning to split up, Nine is to the right and the other three is going away and to the left.

The Booger is treed for 100.

Nine treed for 100, takes a minus and is treed again for 100.

Booger is minus his 100 tree

Sounds like Nine is treed serious this time.

Style, Bone and Booger is going away and to the left, Nine is hammering just 200 yards away.

Shining Nine's tree, just a minute and Noneman yells "here he is" plus him up giving him a good score of 50+
Stationary running to The Style.

Nine re-cut and struck for 25; The Style treed for 100.

Stationary on Nine, Noneman shuffels his feet, scratches his nose and calls him treed for 100.

Style is treed on the edge of a cornfield and they are shining the tree.

Minue Bone his 25 strike. Still do not know how Style'e tree was scored.

Must be having a few cell phone issues.

Finally got about 10 texts in a row and I missed some also; scores as we know them now is :
Bone 25-
Nine 75-
Booger 100-
Style 200-
I think some persimmon trees got involved in the hunt. About an hour left to find some big oaks.

Dogs are struck back in;
Style 100
Nine 75
Booger 50
Bone 25

Nine treed for 100 and Booger for 75, they sound together, but a long way off

Bone treed alone for 100.

Arrived at Nine's tree, Booger missing an took 75 minus. Bone Tree is dead, Found the coon for Nine giving him 175+.

Scores now:

Nine has 100+
Bone 25- with 125 pending
Booger 175-
Style 200- with 200 pending.

Booger took another 100 tree minus.

Hunt is over and they finished this way:

Nine 100+ ; First place
Bone 25-; Second place
Style 300-; Third place
Booger 325-; Fourth place


According to my clock, we only have about ten minutes of hunting time left, but we need to get the scores off the last two trees.

Bone's tree was circle, he was cast again and struck for 25 and treed for 100
Style's tree was circle, he was cast again and struck for 25, time getting real close
Nine has been treed about 30 minutes, but Al has not called him, cast busy scoring other trees.

Booger tree is minus.

Unofficial score as we know them:
Nine is at 100+ and holding
Bone is at 25- with 125 pending on tree
Style is as 200-
Booger has 275-

First place; $14,000
The Whole Nine Yards; 100+
2012 TW-MNoneman/Morgan-O
Alan Noneman-H

Third place; $6,500
Mojo's Cadillic Style; 300-
2012 TW-M
Randy E. Morgan-O
Jonathan Parsley-H

Second place; $9,000
Bone's Money Shaker; 25-
2012 TW-M
Micah Marcum-O
Kevin Cable Jr-H

Fourth place; $4,000
Little Booger; 325-
2012 TW-M
Morris L. Anderson-H
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