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2015 PKC Senior Showdown Final Four Play By Play

Postby Jerry Moll » Wed Nov 18, 2015 4:07 pm

Lula, MS -
Saturday February 07, 2015

Final Cast Judge: Mike Hensley
Back Up Judge: Brad Durham
Guide: Jarvis Umphers
Panel: James Love, David Dial, Shane Reynolds
Play By Play Reporter: Brad Durham
Play By Play Announcer: Jerry Moll

The final four hounds and handlers are shown below, left to right, with judges, panel members, Purina's Larry Walters and SportDOG's Darrell Douglas.


On Tapp
TW-M; 08-19-2008
$16,396.04 LTE
Jason Crum-H

Fifty X Tiny
TW-F; 04-20-2005
$1,941.50 LTE
Don Pearson-O/H

Chilly's Midnight Buddy
TW-M; 05-31-2010
Calvin Cash-O/H

Neosho River Stewart's Lil Red
TW-F; 09-11-2009
Boyd Stewart-O/H

The photos have been completed and the Final Four bunch are preparing their hunting gear. They should be loaded up and headed to the woods shortly.
The cast has left the Isle of Capri and will be cutting the dogs loose in just a few short minutes.
The cast has arrived at the hunting spot. The dogs are unloaded and being collared up. James Love and David Dial are providing tips and encouagement to all handlers.
The dogs have been relased 7:14 PM CST
Jason Crum put Tapp on the paper first for 100 after the minute.
Tiny is struck for 75
Tiny treed for 100
Red is struck for 50 with a line
This MS Delta hunting area is some of the best in the country. Early round casts last night scored on 63 raccoons and the four late round casts scored on 12.
Plus Tiny up for 175+. She's almost ten years old, but quicky takes the lead
Strike Buddy for 25 and tree him for 100, Tapp covers for 75.
It's a clear 53 degrees here in Lula with a mild south to southeast wind at 9 mph with 67% humidity. The moon should be shining bright about 9:00 pm
Plus Buddy 125 and Tapp for 175. Red came in late and sucked up 50-. Love and Dial are haveing a coon finding contest, as of now they are tied with one each.
The stationary rule is running on Tiny
Tiny is treed again for 100
Strike both Tapp and Buddy back in for a quarter with a line
Buddy is treed for a quarter with Tiny
Tiny and Buddy were up a big oak with lots of vines and nests. With all the years behind Love and Dial, even they could not find this one. Circle up Tiny & Buddy
Tapp is declared treed for 100 back in the same general area as he was before. Tiny is struck back in for a quarter with a line
Short delay in reporting. Durham walked into a tree and dropped his phone in the mud. Love had to put on his reading glasses to help him find it.
Tapp and Tiny were handled on Tapp's previously scored tree and have their points deleted.
The two are recast to a fresh set of strike points. This is how the score stands with a little over 50 minutes used.

Tapp; 175+
Tiny; 175+ 125c
Buddy; 125+ 25c
Red; 50-
At the halftime mark, Tapp is struck for 100, Red 75 and Buddy for 50
Tapp is declared treed for 100 deep in the country
Tiny is struck for a quarter with a line
The cast has a long walk to Tapp across a plowed field
Tapp and Tiny are handled at Tapp's tree. Dial and Love teamed up and found the evidence at the same time. Plus up Tapp 200 and delete Tiny's 25 strike.
The cast had to walk out of hearing of Buddy and Red to score Tapp and Tiny. As the cast walks back toward where they came from, Tapp & Tiny are leashlocked.
When the final cast members get back within hearing, Red is declared treed for 100 and Buddy for 75. This leashlocks Tapp & Tiny. If I was in Jason Crum's shoes, that's exactly what I would be wanting!
Plus up Red & Buddy. Time out has been called to get back into the intended area with 11:34 to hunt.
Here's how the scores look now:
Tapp; 375+
Tiny; 175+ 125c
Buddy; 250+ 25c
Red; 125+
Dogs have been released at 9:18.
Dogs struck right away, Tiny 100, Buddy 75, Tapp 50 and Red for a quarter.
The hunt has expired with no tree call, delete all strike points. Here are the final scores:

First place; Tapp with 375+
Second place; Buddy with 250+
Third place; Tiny with 175+
Fourth place; Red with 125+
Congratulations to the finalists and thank you for joining us!
Please prepare yourself and your hound. Hunt the dog, read the Blue Book, and your Good Book!
[email protected] @ 812.212.1619

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