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2014 PKC National Championship Play By Play

Postby Jerry Moll » Wed Nov 18, 2015 3:39 pm

Just a little info ablut our final three, we are looking for a good hunt tonite. Weather conditions are just about right, Doug and the gang should put on a pretty good show. Should get started a little after 8:00 CDT.


A five year old Walker male owned by Jarrod Robertson of Elkton, Kentucky and handled by Bobby Burden of Morgantown, Kentucky. Hotspot was a very impressive winner of the PKC World Championship last year and has earned $35,692.43 in lifetime earnings. His sire is Tree Slamin Frankie who was off Stylish Coma and his Dam is Decker's Smokin Susie who was off Nocturnal Skipper. Hotspot was owned by Glen Decker, Lewistown, Missouri, who was also the breeder, until Dec 10, 2011 when he was sold to Jarrod Robertson.

Hotspot qualified for the Semi-Finals on Wednesday night scoring 200 plus on the late round hunting against; Adams' Sweet Reba, Jeremy Purifoy; Dilly's Trackman Willy, Forrest Dilley and Smokin Blue Boomer, Cody Westbrook. During the early round Wednesday night he scored 425 plus hunting against another World Champion, The Outsider handled by Tyler Young; Nowhere's Sun owned by Nickey Hale and handled by Tom White and Wipeout Lil Z, handled by, Floyd Walker. In the Semi-final he drew Nickey Hale again with Nowhere's Sun and Jeff Travis hunting the renowned Huff Hollow Homer owned by Travis/Axford. Hotspot won this cast with 150 plus to earn the right to go head to head with Burton's Stylish Woody Two, owned and handled by Raymond Burton, who had put on a coon treeing clinic on the early round. The two-dog final was a disaster for both dogs, but Hotspot won by a whisker.


"B" is a three year old English female owned by Stewart or McCaskill or Elmore City, Oklahoma and handled by Chace McCaskill. This little girl has been really active on the circuit this year and has already earned $11,888.58 for her owners. She was bred by Asa Briggs of Morely, Michigan and was sired by Rocky Hill Rocker. Her Dam was Main Street Zoey from another long line of winning English hounds. She was bought by Stewart/McCaskill on July 20, 2013 and was formerly owned by Joe Don Stewart and Goates/George. "B" is a very pretty but smallish hound with a stub tail, I am told that she lost part of her tail by being a little too slow to outrun a pack of coyotes.

She hunted early Wednesday night and scored a very impressive 450 plus against some top hounds. She was handled by Robert Sprouse that night, but was unable to advance past the late round. It appears that the coon failed to move where they were hunting and the cast was won with minus points. They entered her again on Thursday night with Chace doing the handling and came back with another win scoring 175 plus against another very tough cast. He drew Doug Compton and Bone Collector who is about as well known a winner as we have. There was also Timmy Waters hunting Jeff Barnes Hissy Phit and Steven Smith handling William Cochran's Draggin Bawls. Advancing to the late round found Chace up against another hound that is in our final three tonight, Dustin Weed handling Andy Landreth's Machine Gun Sally. Also in the late round cast was Lock River Puzzle owned by Lock River Kennels and handled by Robert Halfacre and one of the winning Black and Tans, Where's Wally owned and handled by Chris Chapman. "B" advanced to the Semi-Finals by treeing a coon and scoring 175 plus.

She hunted in the Semi-finals in a four dog cast consisting of Northern Backwoods Fly owned and handled by Mike Deen, Wipe-Um-Up Chick owned by Axford/Thompson and handled by Tracy Thompson who just about a month ago won a brand new chevy pick-up at the 2014 Pup Shootout. and C&H on Tapp owned by Crum and Hall, handled by Jason Crum who has also been in the winner's circle quite a bit lately. "B" came out of this cast with another 175 plus and a date in the two-dog late round against Jack Maggard's Clear Creek Dixie.


A four-year old Walker female owned by Andy Landreth of Vardaman, Mississippi and handled by Dustin Weed. Sally was sired by Salt Creek Rapid River Sockett who was a pup from Rock River Sackett, Jr. Her Dam was Snail Creek Misty who was a pup from another World Champion Hawk's Traxx Attack. She has a lifetime earnings of $34,997.60 and has been a hard dog to beat for a long time. She was bred by James Tirey, sold to Tirey and Britt on March 14, 2012, then to Rich and Brit on October 1, 2012 and to John Rich on November 27, 2012 who sold her to Andy Landreth.

Sally had a couple of losing rounds then came back Friday and won early with 300 plus hunting against Where's Wally owned and handled by Chris Chapman, G & G's Big Bad John, owned by Shelby/Young/Wilson and handled by Scottie George and Boogar Hollow Karma, owned by Brown/Wishon and handled by Dillon Bradshaw. She advanced to the second round and won again scoring another 175 plus against Backwater Game On, owned by Michael Bramlett and handled by James Taylor, Big Money owned by Cable/Danner and handled by Kevin Cable, Jr and Prime Time Scream'n Wendy ownded by Lee/Lee and handled by Preston Lee.

Dustin and Sally lucked out to a three-dog cast in the Semi-finals but handled it with class, scoring 225 plus against Northern Roxanne, owned by Sean Bacha and handled by Gene Driggers and Bear Creek Hanna owned and handled by Mark Bouska. This gave them a date in the two-dog late round against his neighbor and mentor Steven Miller hunting Sticker owned by Miller/Vickers. Steven has been tutoring young Dustin in the fine points of dog handling since before he was old enough to drive. Sally made it easy by bringing in the only plus points of the rainy late round.

Cast headed to woods, nice night, 51 degrees

Stopping to get soda and a candy bar on the way. Action begins shortly!!

Just pulled up to the woods, nice hardwood bottom

Collaring the dogs.

Dogs cast at 8:20

Strike Sally for 100 - Six a working

B struck for 75

Stationary working on the Sally

Sally treed for 100

Spot struck for 50 with a line

Sally handled alone; big as a nail keg laying on the first limb, PLUS HER UP!!

Sally recast.

Sally struck again for 25

The B is treed for 100

Two working on B

Barking again, two broke

Two working again, must be a little doubt in her mind.

Two broke and B is handled alone.

Cast could not find the evidence and B was circled up.

The Sally has found another tree and is treed for 100.

B is recast but is hanging a little close, Judge is running the 15

B has left looking for the big coon and they are running the five.

Hotspot is deep and lookin up. Just been called treed for 100

Five is up and Sally is handled alone on her second tree.

Scores at present:

Sally has 200+ with another pending at this tree

B has 175 circle

Spot has 150 pending on this tree deep.

Guide and Bobby are headed to Spots tree while the judge finishes out the shining time.

Could not find Mr. Coon in Sally's tree and she is circled.

Strike B for 25 and tree her for 100

Sally gets to take a walk on the leash.

Spot handled on his tree, guide and Chase are headed to B

Bout an hour left.

The Mighty Hotspot had the coon and was plussed up.

Moved over to B's tree and she had her coon also. New ball game.

Got to the river and guide decides to call time with 52:50 left.

Scores as we stand now:

Sally - 200 plus with 125 Circle

B - 125 plus with 175 Circle

Spot with 150 plus.

Dogs recast at 9:52

Sally get first bark and is struck for 100

Hotspot struck for 75

Sally is barking treed and Dirt is pretending that he cannot hear her. Stationary running.

B struck to the right for 50.

Sally is anchored down and Dustin makes the tree call.

She seems to be a little in doubt now and Judge Compton applies the two minutes.

The two minute rule caught her and we have a new leader. Minus her 100.

Hotspot 150+

B - 125+

Sally - 100+

Little over 30 minutes left and a lot can happen.

Spot is now barking up a tree and Bobby is scratching his head. Stationary running.

Spot is treed for 100

Time is up and Spot is handled alone.

Must have been a small tree, didn't take long for judge to minus strike and tree.

Walking away to recast and Sally came into cast and was minus her strike points.

Stationary now running on B

This is the way I have the scores right now with 12-15 minutes left.

B has 125+ and is the leader

Sally has 200+ and 200 minus leaving her even with the board

Spot has 150+ and 175 minus leaving him with 25-

Sally has come in and walking with the cast, 15 started

B is gambling with a tree and is called for 100

Action picking up.

Spot struck for 25, then treed for 100

Sally struck for 25

B dodges a bullet and is handled alone in the ground and receives circle.

Walked the minute and cut B.

Headed to where Spot is treed.

Sally is beginning to light up a tree over to the right.

Dustin calls her treed for 100.

Not much time left

Hunt is over and we have two trees to score.

Plus Ole Spot up 125+

Going to check Sally

She also has a coon, plus her up 125+

I have the score:

The winner and National Champion is Sally with 125+

The Reserve National is B with 125+

Third place is the Hotspot with 100+

Please prepare yourself and your hound. Hunt the dog, read the Blue Book, and your Good Book!
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