TN Youth 4 Wheeler Challenge Play by Play

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TN Youth 4 Wheeler Challenge Play by Play

Postby Amy Kovac-Thomas » Sat Dec 14, 2019 10:02 pm

The Final Four is headed off to the woods to see who is going to emerge as a winner of this very nice four wheeler - we are hoping to have live feed going on the PKC Youth Hunters Facebook Page and on Backwoods Heritage Production for those of you who prefer to watch it.

The cast is about 6 minutes from the woods so we should be starting here in 10 minutes.

Dogs are released and there is a lot of noise being made by the hounds.

Little man struck in for 100 points, Hann is struck in for 75, Butcher is in for 50 points, and Zeus in for 25 points. All dogs working in different directions.

Little man is trailing out. The cast is moving closer to him. Butcher and Zeus are working left-handed.

Hann treed 100 straight ahead of the cast.

Hann is not making it easy for the cast to get to him. They have slid down a small hill and are about ankle deep in water crossing to get to him.

Looks like a hole...I think Ryker was going to dig out whatever was in there, but they circled it instead. Two of the other dogs came into it and got deleted. The cast is walking to where they last heard Little Man to see if they can hear him. 30 minutes left in the hunt.

Six is working on Little Man. The six caught Little Man and the rest of the dogs are cut back loose.

Hann is struck back in for 100 and Zeus struck in for 75.Butch joined them for 50 points.

13 minutes left in the hunt. Little man withdrew.

The cast was in a valley and they are having a hard time hearing the dogs so they are heading to the top of the hill to see if that helps. It did not help - six is working on the dogs. Six broke - that has to have some young hunters breathing a sigh of relief!!!

3 minutes left in the hunt.

Hunt is over and Hann is the winner! Ryker made his first competition hunt one that he will never forget!!!! Congratulations and be sure to give your sister a ride!
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