PKC invites all young hunters, age thirteen to sixteen years to post here. Those under age 13 must meet "Parential Consent" requirements found on the "Agreement" page.
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Please familiarize yourself with the PKC Youth Program details, pages 30-31 your current Blue Book.

To compete in any part of the PKC Youth Program, the youth must be
a paid up member of PKC. It is the youth handler's responsibility to
enter events in the proper category based upon their current age.
Should any awards be earned in an ineligible category, those awards
must be returned and will not be credited to the ineligible youth.
Youth hunters must conduct themselves in a professional manner at all
times. Inappropriate actions such as use of profanity and lewd behavior
may be reviewed by a disciplinary committee and could result in
probation and/or suspension from the Youth Program.

Event Earnings for eligible youth will be recorded for placement in
the annual PKC National Youth Standings, PKC State Youth Standings
and the PKC Monthly Youth Standings. The PKC National Youth
Standings will also be used to determine Youth qualification for the
PKC Youth World Championship and the PKC National Championship.
All scholarship awards earned must be used for college expenses by the
individual winning the award. All winners must enter an accredited college
and apply for his scholarship awards by age twenty-one (21). Any
scholarship award not used will be returned to the PKC General Youth
Scholarship Fund.

YOUTH GROUPS: The PKC Youth Program consists of two youth groups as follows:

TEEN (Ages 13 -17) — PKC members reaching the age of thirteen (13),
but under the age of eighteen (18) and have not yet graduated from
High School as of October 1st of the current competition year that are
full time students. Eligible members must provide proof of age (birth
certificate or another acceptable document) and full time student status
to compete.

PRE-TEEN (ages 12 and under) — PKC members under the age of
thirteen (13) as of October first of the current year that are full time
students. Eligible members must provide proof of age (birth certificate)
and full time student status to compete. *Note: Youth hunters in the
Pre-Teen category must have a parent or guardian accompany them
when competing in PKC events.


Clubs may schedule "Youth Only" events as stand alone events or in
conjunction with other Open Events. PKC Youth Events will be conducted
under Open Event Rules and the entry fee will be determined
by the host club. Youth hunters may be separated into the two (2) age
groups, but additional casts may not be created.

NOTE: Clubs must provide qualified non-hunting judges if needed and sufficient
hunting and non-hunting guides.

Clubs may hold a "Youth Only" hunt with a minimum of
two (2) youth hunters and a qualified non-hunting judge.
This does not apply to Open Event Youth Casts.

Clubs may schedule a Youth Qualifying Event limited to youth handlers.
Entry fee will be determined by the host club, with awards being paid
as in any Open Event. The winner of any Youth Qualifying Event will
become eligible to compete in the Youth World Championship the following
competition season.

Revised Policy Effective June 1, 2017:
Youth Casts are available at all PKC Open Events provided the club has met the requirements. If the following stipulations are not met, youth cast winners will not receive credit for their earnings:
• A minimum of four (4) Youth Hunters must enter the Open Event, and entries must be received in equal increments of four (4).
• If there is an odd number of youth entrants; 5, 6, 7, etc. Youth entry slips will be drawn out at random down to four (4).
• A clear photo of each youth cast, showing all four youth hunters, must be provided to PKC with hunt report, texted or emailed.
• Youth may be separated by the two age groups with enough youth entries, but additional casts may not be created.
• Club must furnish a qualified non-hunting judge and non-hunting guide for each cast if needed.
• Separate drawing of Youth Casts can not cause any additional casts.

Non-hunting Judges for Youth Casts must be provided by the sponsoring
club. Judges must be current PKC members in good standing and
qualified to judge. No parent or legal guardian of a Youth Handler may
judge that youth in a PKC Youth Cast. No full or part owner of a dog
being handled by a Youth Handler may judge that youth or dog in a PKC
Youth Cast. Non-Hunting Youth Judges will conduct the cast in accordance
with Rule 1-F of the PKC Open Event Rules.

A top twenty (20) National Youth Standings for both age groups combined
will be kept and published in PROHOUND monthly of all Open
Event Awards. Competition year will begin on October 1st of the previous
year and end on September 30th of the current year. Scholarship
awards will be presented to the top four (4) handlers as follows:

Scholarship awards will be presented to the top four (4) handlers as follows:
First; $4,000
Second; $2,000
Third; $1,000
Fourth; $750

In addition, the top four (4) handlers in the National Youth Standings
will receive the following cash awards:

First; $2,000
Second; $1,000
Third; $750
Fourth; $500

The PKC Youth World Championship will be conducted annually in conjunction
with the PKC World Championship and will consist of all handlers
from both age groups in the National Youth Standings who have earned at least $100 in PKC awards or any Youth Qualifying Event winners
during the previous competition season. The two youth age
groups, Pre-Teen and Teen, will be drawn separately as far into the
competition as possible, but will all be competing for a berth into the
Final Four. Youth Handlers may participate with any PKC registered
dog, regardless of the dog's lifetime earnings. Scholarship awards will
be presented as follows:

Scholarship awards will be presented as follows:
First; $4,000
Second; $2,000
Third; $1,000
Fourth; $750

Payment of scholarship awards may be made to accredited colleges,
universities, and technical schools at the sole discretion of PKC.
Scholarship awards will be retained in an escrow account by PKC, and
payments will be made to eligible winners in a timely manner. For more
information regarding the eligibility of a specific college, university, or
technical school, as well as, the eligibility period for scholarship awards
earned, please contact the PKC Office.

PKC will recognize the top Youth Handler in certain Open Events each
month from October of the previous year until September of the present
year with a berth in the annual Youth Handler Showdown.
Additionally, the top four (4) youth handlers with the highest total
annual Open Event earnings from the previous competition season that
fail to qualify in any specific month will qualify as “at-large” qualifiers
and will earn a berth in the annual Youth Handler Showdown, creating
a field of sixteen (16) qualifiers. Event shall be on a date and location
subsequent to October of the current competition season as determined
by PKC. A sponsor, if any, may choose to award each month's
winner with some type of prize package. Youth Handler Of The Month
awards shall be at the sole discretion of the sponsor and PKC.

— Eligibility Requirements —
Youth Handler must be registered with PKC and must meet the age
limit requirements outlined in Youth Groups above. Youth Handlers
will compete in a single elimination format to be determined by PKC

Any handler that is unable to attend, for any reason, the Youth Handler
Showdown will be replaced with the next eligible handler from the
year-end At-Large Standings, that has not previously qualified during
any monthly standing.

— Awards—
Winners will received the following awards:

First; $1,000
Second; $500
Third; $300
Fourth; $200

The following additional rules and requirements will apply:
• A Youth Handler may win only one (1) berth in the "Youth Handler
• In the event a Youth Handler earns a berth in the Youth Handler
Showdown more than once, he will earn the title and the monthly leader award, if any is available, but the berth in the Youth
Handler Showdown will be awarded to the next eligible dog on the
list for the respective month.
• Dogs will compete under Pro Rules with paid judges.
• Any question or situation not specifically covered in these rules
will be resolved by the National Association Executive Committee
and PKC management.
• Owners and handlers agree to allow the National Association
Executive Committee and PKC to rule on any question involved in
this event. Owners and handlers further agree, by their participation
in this event, to abide by any decision of the National
Association Executive Committee and PKC or their designated representative(
• Any and all rules pertaining to the Youth Handler Showdown may
be changed as necessary at the sole discretion of PKC.

A Youth State Championship will be conducted in conjunction with all
annual State Championships. The event will be held on the opposite
night of the respective State Championship. A PKC State Youth
Champion will be determined in an elimination event of any eligible
Youth Hunter wishing to compete in the event. The following rules
and regulations will also apply:
• State Youth Championships will be conducted under PKC Open
Event Rules.
• Entry Fee will be $30, to allow for payment of a $5 Guide Fee.
• No prior earnings are required for a youth Hunter to compete in
State Youth Championship.
• There shall be a minimum requirement of two (2) entrants and a
non-hunting judge in order to conduct a State Youth
• Once a Youth Hunter has earned the title of any State, he/she shall
be come ineligible for further participation in any remaining State
Youth Championships for the respective year.
• State Association and/or Cosponsoring Club may provide an Added
Purse for the State Youth Championship, at their discretion.
• Championship cast will be required to compete for placement and
the title of State Youth Champion.
• These recognized State Youth Champions will qualify for the
National Championship the following year.

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