Attention: Clubs Hosting Major Added Purse Events

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Attention: Clubs Hosting Major Added Purse Events

Postby Jerry Moll » Thu Aug 18, 2011 3:09 pm

First of all, we would like to thank you for scheduling a PKC Major Event. It is very important to the PKC Staff to give you and all the winners at your hunt the coverage and attention you deserve, both on-line and in PROHOUND the following month.

* Typically, the results of $50 hunts with Added Purse less than $500 will be posted on the PKC Message Forum under the “PKC Hunt Results” section:

* Normally the results from $50, $55 and $60 hunts with Added Purse more than $500 will be posted on the PKC Front Page if the results are complete with a good quality photo.

Please designate a club member to organize and email the following information to the PKC Staff each night after the hunt. Take “quality” digital photos (not cell phone pics) of the Final 4 each night along with hunt/split details and a listing of Final-4 dogs, owners, handlers, PKC numbers and scores. Also include cast winners', owners, handlers, PKC numbers and scores. We will get your results posted just as soon as possible after your e-mail is received by us.

When taking the pictures, please make sure to prepare a nice looking background that is free of all clutter (re: windows, doors, tables, chairs, spit cups, cigarettes, bystanders, etc). Also, please ask each handler to remove their dog leash from the dog and slide it out of the picture. Put the dogs and handlers as close together as possible for the photo.

When reporting, please include the full results of the event, including all cast winners. Please list dog’s name, dog's PKC #, owner’s name, handler’s name, handler's PKC# and score as shown in the example below.

Hartville, MO
$55 O-E, $500 A/P
34 Entries
Final Four – Split
Shown (L-R):

Rosie (PKC #)
George Hicks-O/H (PKC #)

Gunner (PKC #)
Bob Davidson-O
Terry Bennett-H (PKC #)

Trub (PKC #)
Greg Jackson-O
Jeremy Carpo-H (PKC #)

Dottie (PKC #)
Mike Hensley-O/H (PKC #)

- Cast Winners -

Star (PKC #)
Peterman/Freeman Jr-O
Derek Peterman-H (PKC #)

Al's Little Lacy (PKC #)
Tim Collins-H (PKC #)

Please email your pictures and reports to one of the following PKC Staff Members:
Jerry Moll – [email protected]
Tony Secoy – [email protected]
R D Carnegie – [email protected]

I will post some examples of good and bad photos…
Please prepare yourself and your hound. Hunt the dog, read the Blue Book, and your Good Book!
[email protected] @ 812.212.1619

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