Lifetime Reed Warranty

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Lifetime Reed Warranty

Postby Josh Michaelis » Sun Jul 01, 2018 5:36 pm

Due to the popularity of the Phoenix, Many of the casts I participate in I also draw another hunter that is carrying one. As we score a tree, and I use my personal Phoenix, I often hear the other hunters say, "my call doesn't sound like that". Sometimes it is because nearly everyone blows a call differently, but many of the times, it is simply because my call is different. My personal call is not tuned like the producton Phoenix. It is louder, it is a tad deeper, and it is harsher to use. It is also most times built a little differently. Smaller than a regular custom call, but slightly larger than the production Phoenix. Some of this is cosmetic, some of it is because that size makes it easier to produce the sound I prefer. The production Phoenix, while louder than most any coon squallers built anywhere else, is a scaled back version of my personal call. It is like this to make it easier to use, and to prevent the reeds from being damaged as quickly. That being said, we have decided to make a signature series call, that is a carbon copy of the call I wear every time I cut a dog. The signature series will have some key features unailable anywhere else. The main one being a LIFETIME WARRANTY ON ALL CALL PARTS .......INCLUDING REEDS!!!! As well as

Custum Phoenix sound
All Pearl Cast Poly materials
Most durable reeds on the market

On top of all that I guarantee that I will personally.....

Cast every blank the calls are made from
Turn and Finish every call
Cut and Tune every toneboard
Sign and number every call
Package every call sold.

This is a call that will be in one persons hands from start to finish, and is guaranteed for life. There will be a limited number of Sig Series Phoenix available, so order yours while supplies last. They will be available Monday July 2nd, at for $70

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