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Postby Jerry Moll » Tue Apr 19, 2011 9:36 am

Terms and Conditions of PKC Message Forum Use
Effective April 19, 2011

The Professional Kennel Club, LLC has provided this message forum free of charge for members of the PKC National Association. The purpose of the PKC Message Forum is to cultivate the sport of Competition Coonhunting, to recognize winners and to promote PKC programs and events. We ask that members strive to keep all content positive and supportive of all PKC National Association Members.

The PKC Message Forum is wholly owned and paid for by PKC, LLC and is not a public forum, but rather a private meeting place for the PKC National Association Members. The content of the PKC Message Forum can be viewed by anyone, but in order for someone to participate in discussions, they must be a paid up PKC National Association Member in good standing. As intended, this forum is a wonderful place to communicate with your fellow hunters and to catch up on the latest news within the PKC family. Positive and constructive rule/policy questions and discussions are always welcomed and valued. The better educated we are with the PKC rules and policies, the more enjoyable our hunts will be. PKC has also provided several classified boards as a free service to our valued membership; what a great place to buy and sell dogs, products and services from like minded people.

Since its inception the Professional Kennel Club, LLC has always operated with an “Open Door Policy” when it comes to suggestions, criticisms and complaints. If you feel dissatisfied, disgruntled, or just have something to get off of your chest, the PKC staff members stand ready to take your call, e-mail or PM. Because of this welcoming open door policy, there is simply no need to post derogatory and or negative comments about the PKC organization, PKC policies, PKC staff, or PKC members. These issues can and will be dealt with via direct communication with staff and not on the PKC message forum. Your fellow PKC members will appreciate the professional manner in which you deal with your questions and concerns.

As a PKC National Association Member and a voluntary registered PKC Message Forum user, you have agreed that forum administrators and moderators have the right to remove, edit, move or lock any topic at any time should they see fit. By registering and logging on, you are further pledging to abide by the PKC Message Forum Rules and agree that you will not post statements considered to be:
•Obscene, vulgar, distasteful or sexually-oriented
•Abusive, slanderous, hateful, or threatening about any individual or business
•Abusive, slanderous, hateful, or threatening about PKC and/or PKC Staff
•Detrimental to the growth and health of PKC and its members
•Advertising and/or promoting prohibited Non-PKC Coonhound events, licensed or unlicensed
•An attempt at starting a controversy about PKC or a PKC member
•Starting or advancing a conspiracy theory about PKC or a PKC member
•Intended only to “stir the pot” and upset other PKC members

Violating these terms and conditions may lead to your immediate suspension from the forum and your service provider notified. Please know that the IP address of all posts are recorded and stored to aid in enforcing these terms and conditions.

If a PKC staff member or moderator observes material that is determined to be in violation of the PKC Message Forum policies, your post will be deleted. If you see that your post has been deleted, that will serve as your warning that your Message Forum privileges are about to be suspended or revoked. Depending upon the severity of your post, you may receive a thirty day suspension from the forum. In other cases there could be a permanent banning of your account. Furthermore, should your violation of the agreement be deemed serious enough, the administrators of this board may file disciplinary charges against you. If this is the case, the details will be sent to a PKC disciplinary committee made up of PKC National Directors to determine your disciplinary sentence. Depending upon the outcome, you could lose your privilege to participate in PKC events as owner, handler, judge, guide, or spectator and/or may lose your privilege to register your dog(s) with PKC. As always if you do not understand, please contact a member of the PKC Staff for further clarification.

As a voluntary user of the PKC Message Forum you agree and understand that any information you post, then becomes stored in the forum database. While this information will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent, PKC is not responsible for any hacking attempt that could lead to your personal information being compromised. Please be careful how much personal data you choose to share on the forum.

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