Amazing Fall 2 year old!! With Video

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Randy Byrd
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Amazing Fall 2 year old!! With Video

Postby Randy Byrd » Sun Nov 17, 2019 10:45 pm

Genetics play a major role in multiple facets of our hounds lives. Primarily where we notice them is in their appearance and behavioral traits such as temperament and athletic abilities.
While all breeds derived from the combination of two individual and completely different genetic compounds, modern breeding practices concentrate on the continuation of the specific breed that’s already been developed. When two individual breeds are “crossed” (assuming we’ve taken the best from both breeds) the genetic disposition of the puppies along with their temperament and athletic ability, in theory, should be “compounded” creating the foundation for a new breed.
Meet Roxy. VIDEO -
As you would have guessed, she is a new breed of coonhound! 1/2 English CoonHound & 1/2 Treeing Walker CoonHound.
She’s a perfect athletic size and stature and YES she has in deed inherited traits from both her Sire & Dam. (Mojo Mason & Big River Reign’s Ghost). Interestingly enough, her grandparents Mojo/Tar Heel Maggie & Big River Jessie Who/Jacklynn have all proven themselves in multiple competitive registries as well as in the reproduction arena. Needless to say that Roxy’s litter was no mistake!!

As a UKC, PKC and other registered hound, Roxy holds the keys to be the foundation building block for the potential future of her breed.
As far as athletic ability, Roxy possesses a nice LOUD mouth with a remarkable locate. As you can see on the video, she is in fact the stylish, every breath, belly up TREE DOG that all of us love to listen to and admire.
At only 2 years of age, she has been able to accumulate 5 registered UKC cast wins earning her the degree of Nite Champion along with capturing an additional win towards Grand Nite Champion. She is DNA Profiled in PKC and has the opportunity to go the the Super Stakes in the Fall of 2020. Finally she is registered to participate in the recently purchased other registry.
If anyone has any questions regarding Roxy or any hound we have here at S.M.A.R.T. Coonhounds feel free to give me a call/text at 859-638-9693
Remember, enjoy your hounds. Both in the woods and at home. They will perform much better for you as your partner rather then just a tool. JMO

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Re: Amazing Fall 2 year old!! With Video

Postby Tom Brislawn » Sun Dec 08, 2019 12:07 am

Price ?

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