2022 PKC Spring Sophomore SS Ch Final Play-By-Play

Keep up with all the latest news, match-ups, and results from the 2022 PKC Spring Super Stakes Championships from Princeton, Indiana.

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2022 PKC Spring Sophomore SS Ch Final Play-By-Play

Postby R D Carnegie » Sun Apr 10, 2022 5:44 am

Follow the play-by-play happenings of the 2022 PKC Sophomore Super Stakes Championship here.

Final Cast Judge: John Ervin
Backup Judge: Johnny Hamilton
Guide: Colton Davis
Play by Play Reporter: Colton Davis
Live Video Feed: Jason Daughtery

Final 3:
Topper's Flatrock Speck.....Yoder/Burden.....Zack Burden
Flatrock Packen Screamer.....Yoder/Burden.....Shawn Burden
Skoal's Scarlet Thread.....James Martin.....John Hyneman

To view pedigrees and pictures of the Final 3, click on the link below:

The final cast will be headed out from the fairgrounds around 7:30PM action should ensue at 8PM. STAY TUNED

The cast is headed out of the fairgrounds on a cold 46 degree southern Indiana night. Action coming

We have arrived at the hunting grounds and dogs are being collared and judges orders being given.

Dogs are cut at 8:28PM Screamer gets the action kicked off under the minute struck for 100, Speck for 75

Scarlet struck for 50 and John trees Scarlet for 100!

Cast is arriving at Scarlet. Speck treed for 100. Screamer is handled at Scarlets tree.

Shine time started plus up Scarlet! Minus Screamer 100 Strike points. Moving on to speck to get him scored.

Didnt take long Speck missed him. Minus Speck 175

Minute is working dogs are collared and recast

Minute is up all is quiet

Speck breaks the silence for 100 Screamer for 75

Scarlet struck for 50 and minused

Screamer rollllllssss up and shawn books her for 100. Scarlet struck for 50 with a line

Scarlet and Speck treed for 25 with Screamer

Arrived at Screamer and Scarlet. Speck is split and moved up to 100

Shine time started on Screamer and Scarlet

Screamer and Scarlet are minused both ways! Screamer took 175- Scarlet took 25-

Screamer and Scarlet are leash lock headed to score Speck

Speck had him Plus up Speck 200

Dogs are walked a minute and recut. Speck struck for 100 Screamer for 75

Scarlet is heard from and put on the paper for 50

Dogs are working straight in front of the cast and getting deeper.

Halftime Scores;
Speck; 25+ 100 Strike Pending
Screamer; 275- 75 Strike Pending
Scarlet; 75+ 50 Strike Pending

Back to the action Speck Treed for 100 things are getting interesting..

Walking to speck with 30 minuets of hunting time remaining

They have arrived at Speck on a monster Oak tree shine time has started

Zack finds a hole in the ole Oak tree. The beating and squalling begins

Zack couldn't get him to peak out Circle up Speck

Speck is walked a minute and recut. Stationary working on Scarlet

Scarlet treed for 100. She is trying to nail down a Super Stakes Championship!!

Speck struck for 25 with a line and the cast begins the long walk to Scarlet with 12 minutes left to hunt

The walk continues. Can John from right here at Priceton bring home the crown?? Can Zack add Super Stakes champion to his amazing resume. We will know in the next 7 minutes

Arrived at Scarlet PLUS HER UP Scarlet is the 2022 Sophomore Super Stakes Champion!

2022 Sophomore Super Stakes Champion
Scarlet 225+
Speck 25+
Screamer 275-
(812) 868-1900
[email protected]

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