2022 PKC Spring Senior SS Ch Final Play-By-Play

Keep up with all the latest news, match-ups, and results from the 2022 PKC Spring Super Stakes Championships from Princeton, Indiana.

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2022 PKC Spring Senior SS Ch Final Play-By-Play

Postby R D Carnegie » Sun Apr 10, 2022 5:29 am

Follow the play-by-play happenings of the 2022 PKC Senior Super Stakes Championship here.

Final Cast Judge: Jimmy Burden
Back Up Judge: Steven Basham
Final Cast Guide: Bryce Matthews
Play by Play Reporter: Bryce Matthews
Live Video Feed: Hunter Adams

Final 3:
Sugar Britches.....Sparks/Cochran.....Coey Watson
Snooki's Jwoww.....Coselman/Lamb.....Brandon Coselman
Southside Wipeout Stoner.....Willie Sensley.....Kasey Dooly

To view pedigrees and pictures of the Final 3, click on the link below:

It is a chilly 45 degrees in Princeton, Indiana partly cloudy with a 4 MPH wind. The pictures have been taken and the dogs are headed to the woods.. We should have some action soon.

The cast is headed 25 minutes to big open timber right on the river. The cast is headed down a long gravel road enjoying the heater and seat warmers every second of the way. You can hear someone jamming to Alan Jackson in the distance..

Cast is collaring dogs and getting final instructions from the Judge Jimmy Burden..
dogs are on the lead walking a short 400 yards before they cut loose.

It is tense you can feel it in the air. Everyone has came with their game faces on and ready to hunt! This is going to be a tough 90 minutes. All dogs are proven winners!

Dogs are winding coons and raising cane. They are ready to!

Dogs are cast in to the night at 8:45 pm CST

Stike J for 100, strike Stoner for 75 & Sugar for 50 all under the minute!

Tree Stoner for 100, Sugar trees for 75, the dogs are CLOSE!

J is carrying a track deeper into the woods working right handed..

Kasey says the is the longest 5 minutes of his life

Sugar packed up and moved on working right handed minus her for 75

Cast is walking to Stoner's tree

Shining Stoner's tree now, Cast can hear Sugar working deeper. Cannot hear J at the moment

J just opened up with with a BIG mouth! J and Sugar are in the same general area

Tree J for 100

Kasey is satisfied, Jimmy says circle it up!

Stoner walking the minute and recut, cast is headed to J's tree now.

Sugar wants a piece of it.. Tree Sugar for 25

A Short 200 yard walk and the cast is at J & Sugars tree.. Big tree with a HUGE hole in the bottom, Jimmy stuck his head in and it didn't take long.. PLUS THEM UP!

Walking J & Sugar a minute & recut. Strike is open again.

Strike Sugar for 100!

The cast couldn't ask for better timber.. wide open with small patches of water

J Strikes for 75, both dogs opening are directly in front of the cast, Sugar is close and J is on in there deep.

Stoner struck for 50 right handed

Stationary working on Sugar, Coey doesn't think she sounds right.. letting it run

Coey wants to know if he can call his dad to see if he should tree or not.. He decided not to phone a friend and trees her for 100!

Stoner trees for 100 deep right handed!

Cast arrives at Sugars tree, shine time started. Stoner is treed aprox 700 yards

Coselman is trying to help out Coey and beating the tree with a stick, Coey is blowing the reeds out of his squaller trying to find a coon

Back Up Judge Basham & Kasey head to handle Stoner while the cast finishes scoring Sugar

Jimmy says circle Sugar up, Walking a minute, Sugar is recut, Cast is heading to Stoner's tree.

J is heard hammering every breath to the left, Brandon is sitting back no call for her yet

Strike Sugar back in for 25

There is a beaver not happy that they are in his territory, hes slapping the water like he means it!

Coon was found immediately! Plus Stoner up 150, walking him a minute & recast.

Coselman is playing defense, no call on J yet, Strike Stoner for 25 right handed

49 minutes left in the cast
Right now the scores are:
Sugar - 0 & carrying 25 strike
J - 200+ & carrying 75 strike
Stoner - 150+

Stationary running on J

Tree J for 100

Tree Stoner 100, 560 yards to the right

Sugar wants some of J's tree and goes in for 25

All dogs are treed in!

Sugar takes 25- for leaving the tree

Cast arrives at J's tree and shine time is started

J has a slick 175-

Tree Sugar for 100, J is leash locked, cast is scoring out of order headed to score Sugars tree

Sugar's shine time is started

28 minutes left in the cast

Sugar has a small den tree, Circle her up, cast is headed to Stoner now

J & Sugar are leash locked

2 working on Stoner, 2 caught him 100-, Stoner retreed had a coon caught on the ground, plus up his 25 strike

Stoner is bleeding like a stuck hog. The coon tore him up.

16 minutes left in the hunt, All dogs are recut

Strike Sugar for 100

6 working on Sugar, Broke as Stoner strikes for 75

Stationary running on Stoner, he wanted more and went back to fighting the coon

Stationary off of Stoner

9 minutes left in the cast

Sugar working right handed J has not been heard from

6 working

6 broke

4 minutes and 30 seconds left

J strikes for 50

2 minutes left on the clock.. you can cut the tension with a knife.

1 minute left..

Sugar trees for 100 with 9 seconds left in the hunt!

Kasey is shaking his head in disbelief..

Cast is running to Sugars tree..

IT IS MASSIVE! Stoner is on the tree too. Shine time started

To say this is a nail biter is an understatement.

1 minute 30 seconds left on the shine time

Circle up Sugar!

Stoner is your 2022 PKC Spring Super Stakes Senior Champion!!

Final Scores:
Sugar 25-
J 25+
Stoner 75+
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