2022 PKC National Championship Play-By-Play

Round by Round Match-Ups and Results from the 2022 PKC National Championship in Salem, Illinois.

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2022 PKC National Championship Play-By-Play

Postby R D Carnegie » Mon Mar 28, 2022 4:43 pm

2022 PKC National Championship Play-By-Play

Judge: Mike Hensley
Backup Judge: David Cash
Guide: Terry Windland
Panel: David Dial, Anthony King, David Ellsworth
Facebook Live Video: Travis Dial

For pedigrees and pictures of the Final 3 click here:

NC Final Cast - Sunday 03/27/2022
Heather Island Wipeout Z
Dustin Weed

Davis' Rosedale Phrogger
Burchel Davis Jr
Eric Piatt

Spring Hollow Major Pain
David Blake

Its a cool crisp night at the site of the 2022 PKC National Championship. Pictures have been taken and preperations are made for a great final cast! The cast will be rolling out of the fairgrounds around 730 pm and action should start around 8 pm! STAY TUNED!

The cast has arrived at the hunting grounds. Judge Hensley is giving his final instructions and dogs are being collared. Action is moments away!

Dogs are cut at 8:20 and action is quick Major Struck for 100, Z for 75 under the minute.

Phrogger chimes in for 50

Z and Phrogger working a track left handed of the cast while Major is working right handed and deeper.

Dogs still working in different directions, tightening up now.

6 working....6 broke....6 working.... 6 broke

All three split up in different directions working seperate tracks

Phrogger is trialing fairly close to the cast, Major is deep while Z has not been heard from in quite a while....Stationary on Major

David breaks the ice MAJOR treed for 100!

The cast is now headed to Major, Z is now opening in the area of Phrogger.

Major has been handled and shine time started. It didn't take long plus up Major.

Walking Major his minute and he is recut, Z treed for 100! Action is picking up!!

The cast is making its way to Z and Major is struck near the cast for 25 with a line.

Z has been handled and shine time started, Judge Hensley has him plus up Z 175+. While shining the tree Major brought a coon to Judge Hensley plus Major 25+ strike points.

Major and Z have been walked a minute and the 6 is applied to Phrogger.

Phrogger was never heard from the 6 got him, Z and Major are recut.

Phrogger is heard from again and struck for 100

Major makes his presence known and David Strikes him for 75.

Z is heard from and struck for 50 and treed for 100!

Heading toward Z and Phrogger wants in on the action tree Phrogger for 100.

Cast is still working towards Z, Backup Judge and Eric are sent to handle Phrogger who is over a mile from the cast!

We have reached HALFTIME. Here is how the scores currently stand.

Z: 175+ 150 Pending
Phrogger: 50- 200 Pending
Major: 225+ 75 Strike Pending

Z has been handled and just that quick Plus him up another 150+

Z is walked his minute and recut as the cast begins the longgggg journey to Phrogger.

Z struck for 25 and is working what sounds like a good track. The Cast continues to head to Phrogger while Dial complains every step of the walk.

Still on the walk to Phrogger and Major wants in on the fun tree Major for 100!

The walk continues. Still haven't made it to Phrogger but they are making progress.

They made it to Phrogger and as soon as the lights hit the tree they Plus Phrogger 200+. That brings Prhogger to a total score of 150+.

Phrogger is walked a minute and recut. Now the Journey back to Major begins. Approx. 28 minutes left to hunt.

Z makes things very interesting as Dustin trees Z for 100!

Phrogger says don't count me out yet strike him for 25.

The cast has arrived and Major and its the same story Plus up Major! That brings Major to a total score of 400+! 10 Minutes left to hunt.

The cast is now heading to Z's tree which could very likely decide our 2022 National Champion!

Hunt time has expired it comes down to one tree, 8 minutes to find a coon for $29,999!!! Will Z have it and engrave himself as one of the best ever? Will Major put a National Championship on the mantle next to his Truck hunt win??? We will shortly know these answers!

Z is handled and lights have hit the tree

Z is actually in a hole or tile still shining

Circle up Z...Major is your 2022 PKC National Champion

2022 PKC National Champion; $29,999
Spring Hollow Major Pain
David Blake

2022 Reserve PKC National Champion; $20,000
Heather Island Wipeout Z
Dustin Weed

Third Place; $10,000
Davis' Rosedale Phrogger
Burchel Davis Jr
Eric Piatt

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