PKC Plott Association Annual Meeting Minutes

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PKC Plott Association Annual Meeting Minutes

Postby R D Carnegie » Wed Feb 02, 2022 11:50 am

2022 Minutes of Meeting – Kevil, KY
Saturday – February 26, 2022

Meeting called to order with five (5) association members present. Patrick Nall thanked everyone for coming and wanted to take a few minutes to recognize a few people:
• Mr. Eddie Anderson for his $100 donation to the hunt
• Mr. Bill Shininger for a semen collection service that was raffled off on Facebook
• Mr. Hoop Franklin for his donation of two (2) lights. One (1) to the Plott Breed Champion, the other to for a Facebook raffle.
• Anonymous Donor - $100

Edwin (Ranger) Ferguson brought up that PKC donated a Garmin collar last year and recommended that we give it to the winner or raffle it off between the Plott members present. Decision was made to raffle the collar since the breed winner was already receiving a light. We drew for the light and Patrick Nall was the winner.

Ranger brought up that at last year’s breed hunt, Johnny Mills stated that he wanted to resign as Plott Breed Association President. Patrick Nall agreed to accept the position as President, and al members agreed. Null stated that he would gladly accept to try and continue our momentum.

A member asked who the administrator was for the Plott forum (David Ball). The member asked if we could get administrator rights to allow everyone to stay up-to-date on what was happening for next year’s hunt. Ranger stated that he would contact Ball.

Ranger wanted to know where the hunt would be held next year. Decision made to wait until we have at least 13 dogs qualified for next year’s hunt and allow those to determine the site.

We raised $800 for this year’s hunt. The members decided to split it 60/40; $480 to first place and $320 to second place.

Drawing held for the light, and Levi won it. Drawing held for semen collection, and Wesley Good won it.

Meeting adjourned.

Submitted by Patrick Null, Plott Association President
(812) 868-1900
[email protected]

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