Thank You Salem, Illinois, Judges & Guides!!

Day by day reports from the 2016 PKC Fall Senior, Junior, Sophomore Super Stakes Championships and Freshman (Baby) Stakes Championship being held at Salem, IL September 26-October 01, 2016.

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Thank You Salem, Illinois, Judges & Guides!!

Postby Jerry Moll » Mon Oct 03, 2016 9:32 am

Huge thank you to the City of Salem, Illinois and the Marion County Fairgrounds for all their help and welcoming attitude while hosting the PKC Fall Super Stakes!

Thank you David, Mary, Clayton and Big Vern for all of your behind the scenes work with guides and every other detail for seven days and nights!!

Thank you to all the Hunting and Non-Hunting guides from Salem, Flora and Claremont who carried casts to their hunting spots! This hunt cannot be held without your help!

Here are the Full-Time Judges and Panel Members who made the commitment to judge their fellow PKC Members for the entire week. Thank Your Very Much for your hard work and dedication!!!
Bud Hood
Clayton Dial
Cody Mayne
Darrell Mayne
Jeff Nelson
Jody Williams
Mike Hensley
Shane Patton

Here are the Volunteer Judges who stepped up after they had double cast wins, or were beat in their early round, to help out in the late rounds, instead of going to bed, like they probably wanted to!
Austin Terrell
Dustin Weed
James Tirey
Jeff McCord
Johnny Yoder
Josh Howard
Logan Ray
Matt Ross
Michael Ward
Mike Thornton
Patrick Stewart
Rick Riley
Stefan Lab
Steve Burkholder
Steve Yant

Here are the Hunting Judges that may or may not have wanted to judge in the early rounds, but took on the responsibility and did a great job!
Alan Hedgecock
Benny Taylor
Blaise Bauer
Bobby Burden
Brad Gann
Bradley Beaver
Brett Denney
Brian Layton
Cecil Pittman
Chad Curran
Charlie Ammerman
Chris Farrar
Coy Cloninger
Dalton Cummings
Danny Raper
David Blake
Devin Black
Dewayne Matlock
Don Dunlap
Dustin Kern
Dustin Weed
Eddie Gottfried
Eldon Corrick
Enoch Cottle
Eric Henry
Ernie West
Gary VanMeter
Glen Weaver
Harold Wilday
Jacob Lay
Jake Brasher
Jake Rinninger
James Tirey
Jason Gomez
Jason Klam
Jed Finley
Jeff McCallum
Jeff Stallard
Jess Dickerson
Jim Carvill
Joe Lueke
John Granberry
Jon Parsley
Jonathan Hadden
Josh Howard
Josh Woolman
Keith Meyers
Larry Proulx
Larry White
Levi Rogers
Matt Ross
Mike Cumberland
Mike Gilbert
Nick Imel
Nickey Hale
Oliver Winn
Randy Basson
Randy Gadd
Randy Steadman
RD Trout
Rex Robinson Jr
Rick Riley
Ricky Cullins
Roger Lott
Scott Christen
Scott Faulkner
Scott Seger
Stefan Lab
Steve Bailey
Steve Burkholder
Steve Ratcliff
Steven Miller
Thomas Allen
Tony Smith
Tracey Taylor
Tracy Thompson
Travis Mitchell
Travis Snyder

If I missed anyone, it was completely unintentional. If so, shoot me a text and I will get you added to the list.
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