2014 PKC World Championship Top Six - Interviews

Round by Round match ups and results from the 2014 PKC Youth World and World Championships October 24 - November 01, 2014 in Salem, Illinois

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2014 PKC World Championship Top Six - Interviews

Postby Jerry Moll » Sat Nov 01, 2014 8:07 pm

Salem, IL -
Saturday November 01, 2014
By Amy Thomas

Hardwood Willy
Owned by Smith or Hill
Handled by Ronnie Smith

Two year old, Hardwood Willy, off of Lock Box, has just won big in PKC. Keith Medley handled him back in the spring to the top of the Super Stakes to bring home the big win. Since May though, Willy has been under the ownership of Smith or Hill.
The two bought Willy from Keith because they felt he was the type of dog that they were looking for – an accurate loner. Those are the exact traits that made him appealing to Ronnie Smith. Ronnie shared what it was about Willy that he likes so much, “Willy is by himself and when he trees, you expect to see a coon.” Coming into this hunt, Hardwood Willy has $10,037.08 in PKC money won. Willy had his big win at the Super Stakes, but he won the rest of his money in smaller hunts.

Though he has been here all week, Ronnie did not get Willy in until Wednesday. However, that was the first day that he actually hunted Willy. Ronnie discussed his week’s run down, “On Monday and Tuesday, I hunted Darcie for Roger Hamilton. Then I started hunting Willy on Wednesday and we got in. In the Early Round, Willy treed two coons. Then in the Late Round, Willy treed the only coon that we saw. Then on Friday, in the Early Round, Willy treed the only coon we saw. After that in the Late Round, Willy treed two coons.

Ronnie Smith is being rooted for tonight by his wife Jewell and his grandson, Breighton. Ronnie is not new to winning big in PKC. He has hunted some of the best and won some of the biggest. Tonight he is about to find out if he will be going home with the 2014 World Championship title to add to his resume of handler success. Willy definitely has handler experience following behind him to make the calls, all he has to do is make the right moves.

When asked what it was that he thought that would help out Willy going into this last round, Ronnie said, “He is going to be by himself with a coon.” That was the reason that Ronnie bought him and hopefully that trait pulls him through to the Final Three later tonight.

Master Jam
Owned by David Luckett
Handled by David Dial

David Luckett and David Dial were looking for a young dog that they could start pushing in the hunts. When David Dial heard about Master Jam, off of Country Music, he thought he had found what they were looking for. Other half-brothers of Master Jam’s had done well in the Super Stakes already, so Master Jam seemed to have the potential they were looking for. David Dial went down and tried him and was impressed with what he saw.

David said, “He had a lot of heart and potential. I thought he was something we could turn into what we wanted.” David Dial and David Luckett got Master Jam from Jason Johnson in June and their projection about him came true. They earned a Nationals Ticket in two months. That is a good accomplishment since he has only been hunted in limited hunts. Master Jam just turned two year old the other day and now he is facing his biggest accomplishment so far, the Top Six of the PKC World Championship. To this point, Master Jam has earned $1200.

David Dial described how things went for them this week, “On Monday, we did not do any good. On Tuesday, we got in. In the Early Round on Tuesday, Master Jam treed two singles off by himself. The other dogs withdrew with about 30 minutes or so to go in the hunt. Then in the Late Round, Master Jam treed a coon for 200 points by himself. The other two dogs took minus and they withdrew with 36 minutes to go.”

There was a short break before David and Master Jam had to get back into the game. On Friday night, they continued their success. David discussed the hunts, “In the Early Round, Master Jam treed the only coon we seen. Late round, we had a terrible hunt. We treed a coon right at the end of the hunt and he won with two minutes left to go.”

Tonight is a big night for the new project for Luckett and Dial, but only one David will be able to experience it. David Luckett’s is waiting on an overdue baby and then to top it off, his mother passed away on Friday. He had to return home and would not be able to come back and root on his handler and hound. He did give David Dial some advice though, “Luckett told me to have fun and win it. He has won it twice, so he jokingly told me it was easy.”

When asked what strengths Master Jam will take to this next round, David Dial said, “His heart and drive will help him out. He just does not quit. Luckett wore two horses out trying to follow him.” Time will tell if these two will make the Final Three or not, but they definitely have no regrets about their new purchase! David Luckett has experience winning the PKC World Championship and now he is going to see if all of David Dial’s experience as a handler will help them move forward to the next round to add another big win to his resume.

Slow Talking Blaze
Owned and Handled by Mike Carroll

Mike Carroll and Slow Talking Blaze have had a lot of time together to get to know each other well. Together they have experienced PKC success too. Mike and Slow Talkin Blaze, off of Slow Talkin Buzz and Timber Rocking Sassy, have won $39,400 and the PKC Nationals. Now they are in the Final Six and hoping to add to their resume of success.

Mike Carroll has owned Slow Talkin Blaze since he was just nine months old. Blaze had been born at Mike’s place, but then Mike’s preacher Rev. Barry Philbeck had him as a young pup. Mike got Blaze back to hunt. Since pairing back up, Mike and Blaze have won two rounds at the World Championship last year. They won two rounds at the Nationals two times before finally winning it. Blaze has also won two rounds in the Super Stakes. He won the South Carolina State Race a couple times and was second in the State Hunt the year before. The rest of his earnings were from Open Events. Now Mike is hoping the newly turned eight year old Walker hound has what it takes to bring home the ultimate win!

It was very fitting that the Rev. Barry Philbeck was with Mike and Blaze this week since he was involved with Blaze as a pup. He was able to see the two progress to this point. Mike shared how the week went so far for them, “I got in on Thursday. We hunted on Tuesday and Wednesday though. On Tuesday, I made two bad calls where I treed him and he was not there. He was in the ground and had moved. I withdrew with 40 minutes left. Then on Wednesday, I scored 275 plus and got beat in the last three minutes. The other guy had a coon and I got beat by 25 points right at the end. Blaze looked good though and treed two coons.
We finally got in on Thursday. In the Early Round, I drew out with David Falls hunting Gilbert, off of Blaze. It was a three dog cast. I finished that cast with 150 points. Then in the Late Round, Blaze scored 450 points. On Friday’s Early Round, Blaze had 175 points early. I drew out with Jeff Stallard and Tracy Thompson. Then in the Late Round, Blaze had 525 points. I also had Dave Lawson on that cast who is just a really nice guy.

Going into the Final Six, Mike is happy with how things have gone this week with Blaze, he shared “Blaze was by himself every time all week, but twice. So far he has been under ten single coons. His total score now is 1750 plus and the 150 minus from Tuesday.”
When asked what it is that he thinks will help Blaze out going into this Final Six, Mike replied, “Blaze is good about having coons and being alone.”

Today, Mike lost part of his fan club, but gained some others. He shared, “My preacher had to go back home for service tomorrow. He preaches to 400 people at the Love Valley Baptist Church where I have been attending for the past four years.” However, Mike’s wife Susie and his granddaughter Kayla, survived driving in a snow storm in North Carolina where they got stuck in traffic for two hours to make it here to root him on. They showed up just in time for draw out and pictures.

Mike’s wife shared that she is hopeful for Mike’s success tonight since it is 2014. Susie said, “Mike won the Super Stakes in 2010 with Slow Talkin Lynch, then in 2012, he won the Nationals with Blaze…it is the next two years and 2014.” We will be watching to see if Mike and Blaze keep up their two year trend. Susie got lucky getting here safely to see if her husband can keep it up, she is hoping to keep that luck up for her husband’s success with Blaze tonight.

Stylish Homer
Owned by Jensen or Goings
Handled by Brenden Toney

Brenden Toney knows what it is like to get close at the PKC World Championship and he knows what is like to do so with Stylish Homer. As a one year old, Stylish Homer got in the Top Eighteen of the PKC World Championship and then last year, Homer got Brenden into the Top Six. Now they are sitting in that spot again. Is three times a charm? Brenden is about to find out.

No matter what, Brenden is just happy to be hunting three year old Stylish Homer, again. The Nailor and Coma bred Homer is off of Stylish Duke and Legends Hardwood Julie. Brenden had bought him a year as a one year old from Dustin Burdine after seeing an ad on the internet.

Brenden shared why he decided to get Stylish Homer, “Homer was not Super Staked or anything. I took the chance on him because the boy kept saying that he was a good one that treed coons. The owner lived in the Ozark Mountains and when I went out with him, Homer treed three coons. He was better than Dustin had even said. I really liked his hustle and coon treeing ability.”
Brenden hunted him for a while, but then made a choice that he later regretted, he sold Homer. Brenden talked about that and why he is glad to have Homer back, “I sold Homer to Jarrett Corley last year, but we bought him back about three weeks ago. We got him back because he makes winning look easy.”

In his young years, Homer has won a little over $17,000. As a one year old, Homer placed in the Top Eighteen of the PKC World Championship and then he was in the Top Six last year at the PKC World Championship. In addition to this, Homer has also won the State Race and placed third in the National Race last year.

Brenden travelled to Salem, Illinois with his fiancée Taylor Bennett. They have had a lot of quality time together too because Brenden got Homer in on Monday. He shared how his hunts went, “On the Early Round Monday, Homer treed a coon with the other dogs and then he treed a coon to himself to win. In the Late Round, Homer treed the only coon we scored. On Friday in the Early Round, Homer treed two coons and stayed out of trouble. In the Late Round, Homer treed one coon right out of the truck and then treed a den to himself.”

It is like déjà vu for Brenden though to find himself in the Top Six again. When asked what it is that he feels that Homer has that will help him move out of this spot to the Final Three, Brenden said, “Homer has no quit and will give 200% every time you turn him loose.”

When asked what Homer’s owners think about how things are transpiring, Brenden said, “They told me to just keep doing what I do. They are back home ready to watch the play-by-plays.” It is just about time to see if Brenden can move forward to the next round for Jensen and Goings. Taylor will be here rooting him on and waiting to see if her fiancé can get another ring – the World one this time for him since he has already gotten one for her left hand.

Boogar Hollow Worm
Owned by Bradshaw or Raxter
Handled by Dillon Bradshaw

Robert Raxter may be back home in the hills of North Carolina watching the snow fall, but the other owner of two year old Boogar Hollow Worm, Dillon Bradshaw, is getting ready to head out to the Illinois farmlands to see if Worm can move them into the Final Three Cast tonight.

Dillon has been with Boogar Hollow Worm, off of Ted Blaker’s Tree Talking Mack and Allen Radio’s Super Star, since Worm was just a pup. Dillon shared how he came to own Worm, “Ted gave him to me when Worm was a three month old pup. I liked that he was an easy starting pup that was always by himself.”

Now that he is older, Worm has won about $1500 in PKC money and recently got a truck ticket in September. This would be his biggest PKC win if he can pull it off. It has been a pretty good start considering Dillon just got to Salem on Thursday. He came with a team of supporters too, “I drove here with Jeff Jackson and Terry Gregory.”

Dillon shared how the past two days have gone for him, “I got in on Thursday when I got here. On the Early Round, I think I had 150 plus points on one coon with no minus. Then on the Late Round, it was not a good hunt. I won with 50 minus points. Worm had a circle tree, but then the six got me on another. On Friday, in the Early Round, I had 125 plus points. Then in the Late Round, Homer treed three singles and a circle tree. He ended up with 475 plus points.”

Dillon may have arrived to the dance on the very last day, but he is definitely not missing out on any important moves. Worm has made the two days that Dillon has been in Salem well worth the trip. When asked what it is about Worm that will help him out on the next round, Dillon said, “He is pretty accurate and he likes to be by himself.”

Though he traded being able to watch the snow falling at home tonight, Dillon Bradshaw is hopeful that he will be looking up tonight to see the eyes of a coon versus snowflakes. One way or another, the people of North Carolina will be remembering today and Dillon is hoping that it will not be because of the freak weather, but because of a dog named Boogar Hollow Worm who won the 2014 PKC World Championship.

Wipeout 3 Dee
Owned by Crowson or Moreland
Handled by Ryan Crowson

Just last Saturday, Lane Denny, a youth hunter from Oklahoma, brought home that PKC World Youth Championship for their state and now experienced handler Ryan Crowson is hoping that he is going to be doing the same for their state with the 2014 PKC World Championship. Getting down to the Top Six is helping with those odds and Ryan Crowson is hoping that two year old Wipeout 3 Dee, out of Zeb 3 and Why Not Dena, is going to earn that top honor that for him and Johnny Moreland.

Wipeout 3 Dee is well on her way to winning in PKC. She has won a little over $11,000. Ryan shared some of her bigger successes, “Dee won a couple rounds at the Super Stakes as a one year old. She got in the semi-finals of the World here last year. Then Dee earned her truck ticket in April and placed in the Shelburn, Indiana Pro Hunt in August.”

Ryan Crowson has handled some very powerful females during his competition coon hunting career and Dee is another of those. In fact, her style is what made her appealing to Ryan and Johnny. Ryan talked about how they came to own her, “Billy Bell had told me about Dee her whole life. We got her at the Super Stakes last year from Ryan Meeks of Springfield, Tennessee. We bought her because we had been looking for a powerful type of female. Ryan had called me and told me that he would love to see me have that female. He did not want to sell her, but was in a position where he had to. It just all worked out.”

Ryan shared how his week has gone so far, “On Monday, we got beat. Dee got in on Tuesday. The Early round, went pretty good. Dee got in the country and treed three coons away from the dogs. She did the same thing in the late round also. They were the only trees she made. On Friday, our first cast was not good. I won it with minus points. She treed a coon, a den and a slick tree. Then in the Late Round, she treed two coons. One dog covered her and on the other, she was by herself.”

Now Dee is in the Final Six and Ryan is flying solo for his team here. He shared, “Johnny and T. John Treadwell had some obligations to attend to, so they had to go on back. Johnny is excited. I do not know if he is more excited for me or the dog.”
Ryan is hoping that Dee will add to Johnny’s excitement by heading into the Final Three. Ryan shared what Dee’s strengths are that could help her accomplish that, “Dee just usually gets you a coon treed somewhere…maybe two, maybe three. Her strength is striking a coon up, tracking it and having it.” The pressure is on to keep the PKC World Championship wins for Oklahoma coming ‘Sooner’ than later. Ryan is going to see if he can move one step closer to making that happen!
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